Backing Info

Fabric Backing Recommendation


Light Pique
use a medium cutaway, wet-laid style preferred, or nylon-spun bond combined with a crisp tearaway next to the machine table.
Heavy Pique
multidirectional tearaway is ok for low stitch counts, most designs require a light to medium-weight cutaway.
most designs require a cutaway, choose light to heavyweight cutaway, depending on the stitch count.
use a medium cutaway, pressure-sensitive tearaway backing with a layer of standard multidirectional tearaway backing next to the machine table.
one or two layers of multidirectional tearaway for a low to medium Fleece stitch counts, use a medium cutaway for medium to heavy fabrics& high stitch counts.
one layer of multidirectional tearaway for low to medium stitch Fleece counts, use a light cutaway for medium stitch count & a medium cutaway for high stitch counts.


crisp, non-directional tearaway (tears easily in all directions)
Sheer tearaway/washaway
or a burn-away backing, use a water-soluble wovens sandwich (one layer above the fabric & one beneath the fabric).
one or two layers tearaway woven synthetics (GoreTex, Supplex)
one or two layers tearaway cloth