Design Placement

Placket shirt – placement for a left chest design: use the top of the shoulder seam where it meets the collar to determine the center for the design & place the bottom the design even with the armpit. Sometimes this can be too low, especially on an XXL shirt so you can raise it up to the middle of the armpit on larger garments. Left chest logos are normally no larger than 4” x 4”. If the design is taller you will need to drop it down between ½” & 1”, so the top of the design is not under the collar.

T-Shirt – for a left chest logo use the top shoulder seam at the collar for the center of the design. Make the top of design 2 ½” to 3” from the neckband (from the center front at the bottom of the band). This is normally down from the shoulder 7” to 9” for men, 4” to 6” for women & over from center 3” to 5” for men & 3” 4” for women. For center chest designs make it 3” down from the neckband & center between the armholes. For center back designs: center the logo between shoulder blades & halfway down the armholes.

Short sleeved garments - measure up from the hem of the sleeve ¼” to ½” for the placement of the bottom of the design. Place the center of the design ½” forward from the center of the shoulder seam, the design is normally placed on the left sleeve of the garment.

Long sleeved garments – for shirts or jackets come down from the arm seam 2” to 2 ½” to the top of the design & center the design on the shoulder seam.

Shorts – place the bottom of the design 1” up form the bottom of the shorts leg, normally the left leg. Place the right side of the design 1” to 2” from the outside seam (toward the front of the shorts)

Sweat pants – the bottom of the design should be level with the crotch, place the right side of the design 1” to 2” from the outside seam (toward the from of the sweats). If the sweats have no seam just fold them flat using the inside seam as one side then pin at the outside fold & measure in from there.