Legal Notice

Making a copy of these designs is a violation of copyright law. The designs are licensed to the original customer for embroidery use at one location.
1992-2004 Ardith Mardock. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

When you buy a stock embroidery design, selling, trading or sharing the design is a violation of copyright laws & copyright infringements of these designs will be prosecuted. The designer has put in a great deal of time & energy into this body of work & has tried to provide them to you as a customer at an affordable price so copyright infringement is more trouble than it is worth.

Embroidery Software License

1. License: The design is licensed to the original customer to be used at one location.

2. Copyrights: These stock embroidery designs were created & are owned by Ardith Mardock and are protected by United States copyright laws and international treaties. You may not make copies of this software with one exception, you may make one back-up or for archival purposes, or you may copy the software onto your hard drive & keep a copy as a back-up.

3. Other Restrictions: You may not share, rent or lease these designs. You may however transfer the designs to another person so long as they agree to the terms of this license & you do not retain the software on your computer or any copies of it.

4. Warranty Disclaimer: Your exclusive remedy for a defective product shall be replacement of the defective design.

5. Limitation of Damages: In no event shall the seller be liable for any damages (including loss of profit, damaged garments or product, business interruption, etc.) arising out the use of this software*. Some states do not allow the exclusion of this liability, so that limitation may not apply.

6. This license allows you to embroider the designs, and then sell, trade, or give them away.

*It is recommended that a you do a sample sew out of all designs on fabric like the garment you plan to sew the design on before actually embroidering the garment, so that you can adjust tensions, speeds & make sure you are using the right needles, backings, toppings, thread etc. for the garment. An ounce of caution is worth a pound of cure! You can always use these samples to make things like quilt blocks, patches for the knees on little kids pants or sew them on their pockets etc.