Font Info

I have created 58 font styles to use with all Corbett Systems software.
The software that my fonts are compatible with are as follows:

1. Emb-Designer a full feature professional digitizing software program that sells for $1299 retail

2. Emb-Direct a scaled down version that sells for under $500.

3. DigiSys Gold CD version & RoboStitch softwares sold by Mr. Logo USA

My "font package" will sell for $100

To view these fonts click on the thumbnails below.

Purchasing Inforamtion:
Fonts will be distributed by cd.
Fonts can be purchased with PayPal by clicking the button below. Once the payment has been verified you will be e-mailed with shipping information.

All my designs have been created using the Emb-Designer software which I have been using since 1987. I have always been pleased with it & find it very user friendly, as have the people that I have trained on it. If you are interested in the trying the software there is a free demo that is available to download & play around with to see if it is what you are looking for. There will be a stand alone lettering package coming in the future that will be very reasonably priced for people that just want to edit stock designs & add lettering to them.